Navigating Relationships

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Few things in life are more rewarding or more challenging than being in a committed relationship. You are no longer just in it for yourself, (at least hopefully) and you now have to think about and consider your partner in all your choices and actions.

This can lead for some sticky situations in relationships where one person really does not want to partake in the same activity as the other or just does not want to. Don’t fret however, relationships are about compromise and you choose to do some things that you don’t feel like in exchange for the reverse.

In most activities you can find some common ground that both of you can enjoy, and I encourage people to spend some time engaged in activities their partner wants to do, or you could be insensitive at best or an insensitive jerk at worst.

Likewise there should be no problem at all if you both have a few separate activities and some alone time which is also healthy for the relationship. Remember, relationships are about compromise, give and take, you should give as much as you would expect for the relationship to be equal and not one sided.

-Justin Germino

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