My Youngest Boy Turns Two

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I will wake up today realizing that it can’t be true, that my littlest boy is already two years old.  He can already speak several words and will be unwrapping his birthday gifts this morning.  A Toy Story Woody Doll and a Little Einsteins Rocket Ship.

Keepsakes are what I like about the past, I make some home movies of my kids every few weeks and especially on big events so that I can make DVD’s and watch them in the future.  Sometimes my son lives watching when he opened Christmas Presents the previous year, he gets giddy seeing his own excitement from the past.

So we are approaching the holidays and I look forward to making more memories, for the first time this year my oldest will be able to write his own Christmas list.  My youngest will start understanding who “Santa” is and be eager to unwrap presents.

Before I had children I never really grasped what it would be like to be a Father, I knew I wanted to be one someday from an early age but never realized how much they can bring into your life.  The way they hug you goodnight and ask for 2nd, 3rd and fourth hugs and kisses and never want to let you go.  The way that they look up to you and just want to absorb whatever you have to give.

This is just some thoughts I had and feelings to share on my Son’s Second Birthday today.

-Justin Germino

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