My Wife is also a Blogger

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I started three blogs last year and helped my wife convert her company website into a blog which allowed her to not only provide information about her music production company and showcase events, but allowed her to bring music and entertainment news and feature local Arizona musicians on her site as well. Then my wife followed suite and turned her cookbook into an online food blog for the home chef, called The Chef’s Cookbook. This blog has dozens of her original recipes and culinary tips she learned from attending a Le Cordon Bleu culinary school as well as information and tips she picked up in the industry. My wife has a Le Cordon Bleu diploma, an Associates Degree, Food Safety Certification and is highly qualified to run one of the best food blogs on the web.

I am the great benefactor as much of the food photography you will see on The Chef’s Cookbook was photographed by myself just before I devoured plate after delicious plate. My wife doesn’t like to call herself a blogger but now that she runs two blogs and monetizes them just as I do with PayPerPost, PayU2Blog, AdSense and even uses SponsoredTweets and runs 2 twitter accounts one for each blog. She is my blogging prodigy and we just redesigned her cooking blog together to make it even more fresh and visually appealing.


So stop by The Chef’s Cookbook and let my wife know you visited, check out some articles and recipes and you won’t be disappointed if you are looking to cook something new for your family or yourself tonight.

-Justin Germino

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