My Mouse is Dying Out

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I have been using my cordless Logitech MX 1000 Laser mouse for very close to  six years now, I purchased it in December 2004.   Lately the mouse is plaguing me with double click issues where I click the left mouse button once and it registers two clicks.  There is no way to pop up and try to clean under the mouse button on the MX1000 and the mouse works fine other than this annoying double click, but it slows down my productivity a little and I fear it will keep getting worse.

I actually just want to figure out how to fix the issue, I would prefer not to have to buy a new mouse.  The fact that this mouse house outlived my last 3 computers shows you how high quality this product is and has been for me.  I haven’t even done any research on a new mouse, but when it comes time to replace it I will certainly opt for something that is cordless and doesn’t use standard AA batteries.  I like the mice that can dock and charge in their own stations.  I also need something that has excellent tracking since I do some graphic design and nothing is worse than drawing with a mouse that isn’t precise and moves slightly in directions you aren’t dragging which makes it impossible to draw precise lines.

I also like a mouse that is good for gaming, has more than standard 3 buttons and scroll wheel.  Does anyone have any favorite mice that they like?

-Justin Germino

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