My Boy Turns 9 Today!

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My first born son turns 9 years old today and I can’t believe that he is only 1 year away from reaching the double digits.  I was remarking the other day about this fact and the fact that I just recently reached 10 years with the same company at my day job, I started just about 1 year before my son was born.

At 9 years old my son reminds me very much of myself, he is a Libra like I am but I find he is smarter and more advanced than I was at that age, thanks in part to having so much technology around him to adapt to.

Some traits that he has that you just know will be lasting are his compassion and empathy for others, he truly cares and few people have a truer heart for care.  There isn’t a malicious bone in his body and in a world where most people are shades of gray, he truly is on the path of light and white.

My oldest is my padawan and so completely different than his younger brother, both have different strengths and different traits and my only hope is that they somehow learn to fight a little less with each other (but we all know that isn’t going to happen).

So despite a busy week and all hectic, still taking him out to Peter Piper Pizza and spending some coins on arcades, pizza and fun while he opens his gift.  I know how much he wants the full version of Minecraft (he has been only playing the PC Gamer demo for the past week) but that gift is to come later.

Happy Birthday My Son,


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