My 31st Birthday Today

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So today I turned 31 years old and have taken the day off of work to spend time with the family and do some blogging during the day.  My family had purchased me Raiders of the Lost Arc, which I have been wanting to start the Indiana Jones DVD collection for a while.  Temple of Doom is my favorite one of the trilogy but I haven’t seen the most recent movie yet.

As I get another year older I always decide to analyze what I have accomplished in my past year and set new future goals for myself.  I do this again on New Years, but New Years is more like a family goal, and my birthday is a much more personalized goal.

This has been a very rough year, 2007 – 2008 has shaken me financially, spiritually, emotionally and devastated our family several times.  Most importantly I would like the next year to be more stable and calm, and spend time rebuilding myself.  Healing old wounds and feeling whole again is my top priority.

Wish me luck,

-Justin Germino

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