Music to Fit the Mood

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Few things in life compare to the joy of listening to your favorite music or discovering new music that turns out to be a gem.  Once you get a favorite song or band stuck in your head and you are in that mode where you have to listen to it a few dozen times you really are helpless but to just ride the wave.

What makes music so appealing is that there are so many different genres and different moods within each genre that you have a virtual infinity of choices on any given day and moment on what to listen to.  If you are upset or angry, listen to some music that helps vent the rage or if you are joyful and upbeat some light pop or classy instrumentals can work wonders on your mood.

Music is art for the ears, and like all art it is subjective to the listener on whether they enjoy or appreciate the song or not.  One man’s trash is another man’s art also applies to music and some of the music that I have seen blasted by music critics turn out to be some of my favorite music compilations.  (The same holds true with movies).

Recently  my four year old has taken to listening to music on one of our older MP3 players from years back.  He doesn’t listen to Wiggles, or kiddy songs but loves listening to AC/DC, Justin Bieber and other songs that he has heard from movies he loves.  Of course one of his favorite songs is Yoda by Weird Al Yankovic (one of my favorites too).  I love how passionate he is when he is listening in the car bopping along to the music with one ear bud in.  His brother who is seven years old will be starting up drum lessons again soon with a new teacher as his previous one moved away.  He also loves music and is heavily into rock.  Of course my son asked me "Who is Elvis" the other day and I flipped on the Elvis station on Sirius so he could listen to it.  I explained that Elvis was the King of Rock and practically started the Rock and Roll genre.  He had the same questions about Michael Jackson a few days later and wanted to hear and watch some of his music video’s on YouTube.

Music is discover, music is emotion, music is art.  What are some of your favorite songs and how do they make you feel?

-Justin Germino

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