Michael Jackson was an icon

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After hearing on CNN about Michael Jacksons death and reading that the cause most likely is related to prescription meds in a similar style of death as Anna Nicole Smith, all I can do now is reflect on what I remember of Michael Jackson from my child hood.

Though his personal life was constantly in scrutany, and he may have had questionable contact with children, I am not saying he did or did not do anything inappropriate, just that because of his association with kids he had his reputation all but tarnished (if they were true, then its justified of course).

I remember when I was six years old when Thriller was released and I saw the video for the first time, I was already obsessed with horror films and zombie flicks and seeing this music video that has so much flare and style and is still to this day one of the best music video’s ever made.  I can’t help but feel sad that the world has lost another talented musican and somebody who has contributed to the music art form since he was a small child.  Michael Jackson was an innovator and an artist and will always be remembered as the iconic Pop King he was from the early to mid eighties.

Good Luck Michael, and if there is an afterlife (who knows) and you truly are a decent person (who knows), I hope you are moonwalking on the clouds right now.

-Justin Germino

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