Mental Changes When Losing Weight

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I want to point this out to everyone who is overweight or used to be overweight but worked hard to get down to a normal weight. One of the big disadvantages I found now that I have come very close to achieving my weight goals is I feel guilt and think negatively whenever I indulge in food that I know is harmful to maintaining my weight. One example of this was I was eating breakfast this morning and I indulged in some pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs probably consuming a thousand calories or more in a single meal. As I sat there enjoying the food I was bliss, the flavor taste so good and I didn’t think about anything but enjoying the food.

After breakfast however when the flavor was gone I started considering how much I ate and how rich the food was and that if I indulged too much like this I would have to consider weight loss products or work out twice as hard again. This is something I notice very much about my new mentality, previously when I was heavy I ate and didn’t care about what it might due to my weight gain or my health. Now I am much more conscious to worrying about it after I have done it, but I still indulge anyway. I do have a system in place where if I indulge in a big breakfast I will cut back on lunch and dinner, I still try to eat only about 2,000 calories per day but I might change which meal is the highest calories for the day. Some days I have a big dinner and I will only eat a 140 calorie cereal bar for breakfast and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch which allows for a 1500 calorie dinner.

Other days a big breakfast means a very light lunch and lean cuisine dinner of only 250 calories or so. I try to keep my calorie intake consistent on days where I might eat too much, I try to eat less the next day. Never do I starve myself I keep it increments if I can, and I only guesstimate calories I don’t go so far as to add them all up in my head to the exact number. This helps keep my weight around 160 pounds even though I still have a section of belly fat I am trying to reduce.

I am sure many readers out there eat or indulge and feel guilty afterward, what are some of the punishments you inflict upon yourself to compensate for indulging in food? Or how do you make yourself feel less guilty or counteract when you cheat on your diets?

-Justin Germino

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