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I have always suffered from speech anxiety which is ironic because as my wife can tell you, I am a motor mouth and a chatterbox in my home life, and clearly I speak often and all the time at work on conference calls. I do however have anxiety about crowds and speaking in public, and I when I spoke at CA World in Las Vegas in November 2008, I was vomiting for days before the conference and even several hours before I gave my speech.

That being said I had a little bit of anxiety last week and this week when contacted by several media journalists, one from the Arizona Republic the largest AZ newspaper, and the other a freelance writer who was writing an article for Tech site. AZ Republic had an idea for an article about blogging, bloggers and interviewed me as a blogger, poet and my inspirations, start…etc.

The writer for was writing a piece about Twitter Schemes and follower sites, and wanted my input since I had done some research and written an article on about the subject last week. I also read that BenSpark, one of my socialspark and blog friends recently mentioned he had interviews with NY Times and Wall Street Journal, which tells me that bloggers are getting more media coverage lately overall.

I am still a very small wave in the ocean of bloggers out there, but it is good to be able to contribute to the community as a whole and help open public awareness to what we do as bloggers and why we do it.

-Justin Germino

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