Manners When Dining In Public

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I am all for freedom of speech and how people have a right to be however they want so long as they don’t break laws or force their ways on other people.  However, while dining out at IHOP restaurant here in Casa Grande this morning for breakfast my wife and I and our two year old son sat in a booth next to some of the rudest people we had ever witnessed in a public place.  A mother, husband (or boyfriend) and little daughter probably around three years old were sitting in the next booth to us.

The mom was extremely rude to her little daughter constantly insulting her, spewing curse words including S word, F word and others while talking with her family and on a cell phone call at the breakfast table.  This is all at just before eight in the morning.  I am not typically a judgmental person, I do believe you can’t judge a book by its cover and am full of my own issues and faults so who am I to criticize or critique other people.

However, I just could not help but feel bad for that little girl being talked to so rudely and improperly, in my house that would be considered emotional abuse and I am appalled that people would use such foul behavior and language at a casual restaurant.  It really gave my wife and I a sick feeling in our stomach afterward.

Word of advice, try to reduce your swearing in public places such as dining establishments, businesses…etc.  I grew up in New York where cursing is part of everyday speech, but I don’t spout at certain places and scenario’s, use your judgement where appropriate.  Secondly in raising your kids try to realize that they are people and everything you say and instill with them they will internalize and carry with them for the rest of their lives, you could inadvertantly damage their personalities or instill feelings of worthlessness just by talking and treating them a certain way.  This is true especially when they are little, physical abuse isn’t the only form of child abuse and you should not talk to your children disrespectfully.

-Justin Germino

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