Longer Day Than Expected

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Okay, it took way more time to have my hair taken care of than I expected.  I had to work this evening to make up the difference in the amount of time I took off.  I finally got my mini makover, bleached highlights in the top of my head, much shorter cut, the unkempt but on purpose look I was going for.  Toni&Guy Salon’s are all my wife goes to, so I went to her hair stylist and he really is very talented.  He did my five year olds hair and my five year old has highlights, I liked it so much I wanted to try it myself.

I lost much of my time driving, I live almost one hour each way to the Valley, so two hours was lost in drive time, the other two and a half hours were at my hair appointment, then another hour to eat at Manuel’s for Lunch.  This is one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants in Arizona, and it is a local Arizona chain.  You won’t find them outside the state.  They have THE BEST Green Corn Tamales I have ever tasted, but they also have a great Pollo Especial, as a Libra I never can decide which of the two dishes to get there.  They also have better salsa than all the other major chains “Macayo’s, Chili’s, Chevy’s, Garcia’s” You name it, Manuel’s has better tasting salsa in my opinion.

I will post before and after pics of my hair style once I get somebody to take a picture of my new hair style.

-Justin Germino

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