Liability Insurance for Production Companies

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My wife has run into many struggles and issues with running her music production company, including finding that some clients are requiring her to carry “Liability Insurance” to simply provide a DJ to run a two hour show at an Apartment complex. So she checked various insurance companies to get an insurance quote for liability insurance for annual or one time event.

It turns out that the liability insurance is staggering and costs almost twice as much as what she would have made for the event itself which made it impossible to take the gig and the company lost out on a client event. In Arizona production and promotion companies are not required to obtain liability insurance and in fact, in most states the do not.

One wonder’s why it would even be required just for providing a simple DJ server for a private event, when the cost is astronomical in comparison to how much promoters make for single events. All part of the learning process of running your own production company, my wife is constantly trying to find new ways to balance services for clients while obtaining liability insurance isn’t in the cards right now.

-Justin Germino

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