Level 48 in Kingdom Elementals

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This morning as I was exploring the 8th realm in Kingdom Elementals I finally reached level 48.  I had been playing this game every day for about a month and a half now, usually getting up and playing about 15 minutes at 5:30am and then another 30 minutes at 10pm at night with some scattered random checks during the day.

2013-11-26 06.26.01

My goal is to level up my Polar Bearborn to level 10 and unlock it’s 60% dodge ability to help increase my odds of surviving those devastating 5 star cards that can whip up some impressive attacks.

I still have yet to get a 5 star rune and those things can make the difference in a PVP battle between win or lose.  With gaining an average of 50,000 experience a day, it will take about 7 days for me to get to level 49.  The 5 star Fire Kirin which I already have unlocks at level 50 which means I would have two of them, but right now my 2 Taiga General characters help out in a combat where the opponent doesn’t have have anchor or a way to avoid being exiled.

ancient oni

If you like card games on the iOS platform, then Kingdom Elementals is worth a try, it is fun and easy to pick up, it doesn’t have the depth and complexity of MTG but that is a plus and a minus if you have little time, then you can gain ground with auto resolving battles, and just jumping in when you need to.  It has manual combat control only in the story mode and dungeons, but manual control is limited merely to choosing when to play a card or hold it until more cards are available.  You don’t manually trigger card abilities like MTG, you instead merely watch the cards resolve the combat on their own, but it is a fun way to kill about an hour a day.

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