Kids on Energy Drinks

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I was at a gas station last week and saw a father of two girls filling up his truck, one of the girls popped open a 16oz can of Rockstar energy drink and starting downing it. She had to be under 10 years old and was already drinking double serving sizes of caffeine and chemical energy!

When I was a kid growing up my parents wouldn’t let me drink soda at all except on special occasions claiming it was for adults only, my wife and I take the same point of view with our children. Root Beer is about the only soda they drink and even then it is once a month at most. They don’t drink pure fruit juice all the time either, usually we always mix 3oz of juice with 5oz water so it is always diluted.

But this isn’t even soda, this is like letting your eight year old drink two cups of coffee, it is absurd and borderline neglect to let children under teenage years to consume these type of beverages. The nervous system is not capable of handling that much dosage and stimulation and this can cause major health problems later in life.

People tend to abuse any substance that gives them energy, good feeling or artificial stimulation and companies will always be there to try innovative ways to provide such products.  It is up to parents to educate their children and at best, not contribute to the problem and hasten their addiction and entry into such products.

-Justin Germino

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