What Do Your Kids Want this Christmas?

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So as I handled my kids wish lists this year I noticed that there is still a big trend to wanting Nerf guns and accessories as playing war at the playground or outside with foam bullets still is a favorite past time and I think the N-Strike and Nerf Zombies related themes just continue to generate buzz and interest from kids who love just playing Nerf wars.

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My youngest pretty much went gung-ho for Skylanders Trap-Force which was no surprise as he 90% of his list is the game and figures for it, he was not overly enthused with Disney Infinity and quickly grew annoyed that he couldn’t use his favorite characters that were Non-Marvel in the Marvel story missions, the community content was shoddy and meh and his eight year old brain just didn’t have the patience to develop a complicated free play zone other than merely dropping some scenery and enemies it grew boring fairly quickly for him. ┬áIronic since he can spend 6 hours building crap in Minecraft creating complex houses, worlds and things but the tools and Disney Infinity creative story box mode just didn’t grab him the same way Minecraft does.

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My oldest who is 11 still wants a better gaming headset particularly one with better microphone quality and was hoping for a nice Turtlebeach headset, of course he wants a new gaming laptop too and keeps wanting an Alienware.

So what are your kids wanting for Christmas this year, what toys, games, gadgets are the most desired and what are you going to splurge or get them?


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