Keurig B60 Home Coffee Brewing System

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After three years of running my old 1st Generation Keurig home coffee brewing system it finally started to go South.  No matter how much I attempted to clean the device or flush it it would only fill the coffee cup by a little bit and leave most of the water in the tank.

I had brewed an average of 6 cups of coffee per day for over 3 years, so over 2,000+ cups of coffee had been brewed with it. It also tended to start leaking more over the years so I decided to replace it finally.

I love the Keurig Coffee Brewing systems so new the next system would also be the same company, but I didn’t want to go into their new next generation line as I don’t need froth or additions to coffee, I tend to just drink black with sweetener and rely on flavored coffees rather than milks, foams…etc. to enhance my beverage.

Enter the Keurig B60 Home Coffee Brewing System

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This fantastic brewer allows me to choose from 3 different cup sizes, the previous brewer was a 1 size only model.  It also has a separate side tank of water that holds about 4 cups at once.  This means I don’t have to pour water into it but once a day typically.  It speeds up brewing by keeping water hot while it is on and brews a cup in less than a minute every time except if it is completely empty and you need to put fresh water in.

It also has a timer so that if you keep fresh water and a K-cup inside of it it will turn on and start brewing at whatever time you program.  If you get up at 5:30am every morning, that cup of coffee will be waiting for you.

I love it but I found some things I didn’t expect compared to the 1st generation brewing model.  #1 it brews much faster, but this means it shoves the water through the coffee grinds faster resulting in lighter coffee no matter which cup size you choose.  My coffee is about 1/2 as strong with the new Keurig as it was with my original one and I tended to like stronger coffee.

I can get 2 brews from 1 K-Cup, I can however brew 2 medium sized cups from 1 K-cup with the 2nd cup being lighter but still drinkable which helps save money and make your box of K-cups go twice as far.

Overall I wish there was a trickle option so that it can go a little slower dripping the water through the K-cups so you can make stronger coffee when you so desire, but this is compensated by just buying darker roast coffee which will taste like medium roast.  Light coffee like the Starbucks Veranda Blend ends up being very light with the Keurig B60 Brewing system.

-Justin Germino

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