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I was in the car with my son the other day and he asked me a barrage of questions like he always does in car rides.  I was able to answer most of them but I came up with an “I Don’t Know” for one of his more obscure questions, and rather than fabricate an answer I would rather tell him that I didn’t know.  He responds “Google it Dad” just like that, six years old and already telling me to Google stuff to find the answer.  I wanted to come back with “you mean Wiki it?” but he wouldn’t have understood the reference and I promised to Google the answer when he got home from school.

Alas, though he did arrive home from school and we both forgot what the question was in the first place so the issue was dropped.  At six years old he can barely read and write, and he can play flash games on the web, but he hasn’t actually Google anything yet, I know that six years old today is vastly different than when I was six years old twenty six years ago.  This was my first “my kids are in a totally different generation” moment as I reflected how different their world is growing up with the Internet than mine was.

Information literally at your fingertips, no library books to check out, you can get virtually anything you need instantly online.  If knowledge truly is power, then the power at your fingertips is limitless.

-Justin Germino

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