IZEA Phasing Out Social Spark, Sponsored Tweets and More

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It is about time, but IZEA is finally converting and phasing out all other platforms to consolidate to the IZEA Marketplace which simply offers every sponsored opp capability that the other platforms do, all in a single location and more.  With IZEA Marketplace you can pair up with advertisers to do sponsored posts on your YouTube Channel, your Tumblr Blog, Your WordPress or BlogSpot blog or any other blogging platform.  You can also leverage your Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and more.

I did a video showcasing some of the IZEA Marketplace services and how you connect your accounts.

Meanwhile this is good news for those who were using one or a few of the IZEA services, they are going to allow you to cash out any remaining balance without penalty to help people migrate and get over to the new system.  The timeline for their phasing out the older services is as follows:


If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for IZEA Marketplace and start listing/connecting all your social media properties so you can start accepting opps.  The free account lets you make 3 bids per month, but like SponsoredTweets you can pay a small fee and get unlimited bids per month.  Only 1 opp typically pays for the account upgrade, so it is worth it in my opinion, but feel free to test the network and let your properties soak with the free account for a bit first.

I was happy to get all my sponsored opps in the same place having used nearly all of IZEA’s services previously and having to keep track of separate balances in all the other services.  I love that you can easily connect 4 or 5 Twitter accounts in the same profile and build separate advertiser targets for each of them.  I have all 6 of my blog properties listed and have seen some offers for my wife’s cooking blog and social media properties already.

Two things however are a bit odd, how come no Pinterest yet?  I see a lot of advertisers wanting Pinterest integration and there is no Pinterest connection  yet.  The other thing is no referrals from other networks are being honored, which means those hundreds of people I referred to SponsoredTweets and the dozens or so I referred to SocialSpark will not be referrals, so I can’t collect some earnings from them being referred by me.  This totally sucks, and I was getting not much but a little from those referral earnings.

If you haven’t signed up for IZEA Marketplace yet, then give it a whirl and start earning from your online properties or social media accounts, it is a good way to perhaps make a little side money to pay down bills, go to the movies, or just grab something extra for yourself.

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