Inviting all Facebook Friends to Event

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So many people wanted to know how to invite all your Facebook friends to an event you might be hosting on Facebook, so I did a test of every single Chrome Extension that claimed to do this and found only 1 that actually worked.  This plugin is $2.99 but worth every penny (unless of course Facebook changes code and renders the plugin useless in the near future).

I did a full video tutorial showing the plugin in action and how I use it to invite all of my 2,500+ followers to my contest giveaways which greatly helps get them noticed and increase participation.  I strive to never send more than 1 event invite per month because I don’t want to spam my fans with event invites and only my big giveaways, never my little ones get an event created.

Here is an overview of the extension to invite all Facebook friends to events:



-Justin Germino

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Updated: July 22, 2012 — 9:21 am