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A coworker turned me onto the blog site where people run an experimental project and video tape themselves trying to promote joy mixed with a little chaos. The ultimate mission is to make people feel good by doing these public stunts.

The one I was shown was called High Five Escalator where 6 people from the team all were in a crowded New York City subway just standing with signs offering a High Five from Rob. It is amazing to see the massive amounts of people walking buy with smiles on their faces from this stunt and Rob received over 2000 High fives in about 45 minutes or so. I have been in the subways and even this station many times, I know that people are grouchy, annoyed and generally in unpleasant moods as they shuffle between subway stations to get to work in the bowels of Manhattan.

This video just put a smile on my face and if you visit their site, they take you behind the scenes on how they setup this stunt. Kudos to this site for doing such public displays, and I am now a fan and will be visiting often.

Just a feel good video:

-Justin Germino

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