I Really Am A Role Playing Geek

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I have always been a fan of role playing games, particularly Dungeons and Dragons over the past seventeen years, but I just realized that I am a geek. I know I am a geek because yesterday while working on a garage sale, I dropped my blackberry which fell to the ground popping the back off and the battery sprawling away.

What was my reaction? What clever words did I speak? Most people would say Sh!t or damn, or even “crap, I dropped my blackberry”. Nope not I, I gracefully just said “Man, my blackberry just suffered a critical hit”. Yep, if you know the meaning of what I just said, you are a geek too. For those who don’t know, you are the norm.

It is bad when I think in role playing terms without even realizing it. Ah well, good times, good times.

-Justin Germino

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