How To Vote on BlogNetAwards

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In experimenting with my screencasting software CamStudio and people always asking “how do I vote or use BlogNetAwards?” I have decided to create my first audio/video screencast of how to vote on BlogNetAwards.  Hopefully you will vote for my personal blog for my efforts in presenting you with this video demonstration.

You can VOTE for Justin Germino on BlogNetAwards after watching this video.  I will also send you 500 entrecredits for voting if you are an Entrecard user, just leave me a blog message or entrecard message after you vote and I will transfer you the credits.

Tell me what you think of my video presentation, there was no cuts and outtakes, it was recorded live and unedited, so I did stutter a little bit (ironically I got a little nervous like I was giving a speech).

-Justin Germino

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