How to Promote Your Corporate Video

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Statistics suggest that video content spreads faster than any other kind of content on the internet, and given that the media of the web is the media of the people, the people spread what they want to when they want to. Your job is to make your corporate video one that people want to share, as this is your best means of promotion.

Corporate video can really benefit a business, by building brand association, promoting services and endearing potential customers to, well, you.

It’s also a difficult line to walk, and promoting corporate videos can be very tricky but humor, video editing and cats can all play an important part. Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling.


1. Don’t push your service

Web users respond so well to corporate video editing because it humanizes a company. It shows you giving something back to the people: so it’s important that you don’t push a hard sell. People will roll their eyes immediately. Nobody wants to share an advert, after all.


2. Don’t be afraid to shock (But not too much!)

It seems obvious to say that controversial content gets shared the most, but this doesn’t mean you want to build brand associations between your business and some completely indefensible political position.

Instead, engage with your customers. When Bodyform responded to a poster on their Facebook wall with this brilliant viral video

Their audience was shocked, but in a positive and humorous manner.


3. Catvertising!

This will sound completely mad, but cats do better online than just about anything else. In this sense, cat appearances seem to possess a kind of "share compulsion" property i.e. people see a cat in a video and are compelled to share said video. Besides, in what way will your corporate video be negatively affected by a cat appearance?


4. Consult the experts and get a professional finish

As with most video content, a corporate video is not finished until it’s been edited. Consult professional video editors to sharpen up your message, keep it concise and compelling, and really give your video that slick edge. Good video editing will keep your video entertaining and share-worthy, without compromising your message.


5. Capitalize on trending topics

The most successful corporate videos are those that focus on the topical: they tell the world that your business is in touch with the world, and your customers will find you and share you with other potential customers as a by-product of reading about something #topical.

This brings me to my next, and final, tip…


6. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Keywords make the internet go around and if you want people to find you, then you’ve got to help them get to the right place. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of adding keywords to all of your content so that search engines are better placed to deliver them when somebody uses those search terms. Keywords really are the key (no pun intended) to promoting your corporate video.

Now it’s time to get your video out there, and let it promote itself: good luck!

About the Author

This was a guest post by Maxwell who doesn’t spend nearly enough time doing SEO for his online video content and should practice more of what he preaches!

Updated: March 6, 2014 — 9:06 am