How to Deal With Rodent Problems

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Back when I lived in Central Phoenix there was a big problem with roof rats infesting entire neighborhoods, they would leave their droppings all over the yards and core out oranges from all the orange trees in the area.  Averaging 6-9″ in length each rat was about the body mass of 10 small field mice and all the residents considered them pests and either hired exterminators or found another type of rodent control to deal with them.
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I had an exterminator service who had used glue traps once and I was just disgusted when a small field mouse was stuck in the glue but still alive, it was uncomfortable to throw it in the trash or have to kill it manually.  This is why I prefer humane pest control solutions for dealing with rodents, Victor has a variety of excellent products like the PestChasers which use high frequency sound to make the rodents so uncomfortable that they have to leave the area and will not enter.  This high frequency device is safe around humans and children and does not produce a sound that can be heard by humans.  The PestChaser is also using a frequency range of 32-62kHz which is higher than dogs, cats, birds or fish can hear.  You just don’t want to use the PestChaser if you have a hamster, gerbil or other pet rodent in the same vicinity.
Victor also sells traps, the ones I would recommend are the electronic traps which kill mice via an electric shock.  They are more humane than a standard spring trap where the steel bar can often leave a mouse injured before death and stop you from having to clean up potentially messy dead rodents.  Really, I would prefer a deterrant to any trap if possible, but I would use a electronic trap instead of poison or a glue trap any day.
Right now Victor is selling a combo kit for only $99.99 which includes 2 electronic mousetraps, 2 mini Pestchasers and 1 2X PRO PestChaser which is a complete solution for ridding your poperty of any rodents or preventing any from invading the area.  So if you have rodents around your property or inside your home, consider a kit or product from Victor to help get your mice or rat problems under control.
-Justin Germino

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