How I Recommend Losing Weight

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I have a friend who knows that I sometimes write articles on fitness and weight loss, not that I am an expert but I did manage to lose fifty pounds in two years the healthy way and without looking for the best diet pills on the market.

I always tell people the same thing when it comes to losing weight:

Eat in Moderation:

It sounds so simple, yet these two simple things are so hard to actually do if you struggle with willpower and complacency. First eating in moderation is extremely hard, if you go out to eat as I often do you will see portion sizes are three times what they should be. Yet people complain they aren’t getting their money’s worth if restaurants served smaller portions, so its a vicious cycle of people expecting more food for the money which in turn makes them fatter when they consume the whole plate.

How about this, when ordering at your favorite restaurant, ask the waiter to put half of the food in a “To Go” container before they even bring the food to the table? This option alone may help you consume less when you eat out and you save money by having a 2nd meal with the leftovers.

Avoid all you can eat buffets like the plague, these will tempt you to pile on food and eat until you are gorged. They are common and cheap and all over the place, yet these will certainly keep you from your weight loss goals.

Increase Exercise:

I am not talking about spending an hour a day running, jogging or training for a marathon. You simply need to add 30 minutes of exercise in either 2 15 minute chunks (15 minutes morning, 15 minutes afternoon) or one thirty minute set. The ideal exercise for losing weight is one that builds muscle which in turn helps metabolize fat faster.

Aerobic exercise is needed to build endurance and is healthy for your heart, but your first concern is losing weight and you should focus on weight training type exercises.

You only need a kettlebell, or some free weights. Push-ups, pull-ups, jack knifes, crunches, tricep curls and bicep curl will get you started. You can also do squats while performing a variety of these methods which will work your leg muscles as well.

I found that a good fitness band is multi-purpose and if you are not a heavy exerciser will work very well for toning your muscles and working your muscle groups.


It sounds simple but realistically these two things are all it takes to shed some excess weight the steady and healthy way.

-Justin Germino

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