How Effective are Mass Co-Sponsored Giveaways

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I look at a Wii U Giveaway contest by another blogger and wonder how effective it is when you consider how many entries each individual user can get. 

You look at the contest at it’s current state:


You can see it has 419,794 entries and think MAN, this must be an amazing return for the contest, why can’t my own contests reach this.  But the truth is you have to dig deeper, a contest like this involves you to like DOZENS if not a hundred social media accounts and you can see each person who enters can get up to 509 entries.

So if every person were to do all entries, and you divide 419,404 by 509 you get 824 unique people who entered the contest.  More likely let’s say each person gets 200 entries or so not doing all of them as they are extremely cumbersome and you still get 2,098 original participants. 

This is for a contest with no referral entry capability, so no one or few people can potentially reach higher amounts so the odds are around the same if you divide entries by 25% and total entries by 25%.  This makes me wonder the real benefit of making most of your entries give 10 points instead of just using 1 generic entry for all entry methods like Punchtab does because in the end the odds are the same, all you get is inflated entry numbers and have a larger # of entries earned.

This to me is artificial inflation and makes a contest appear more widely popular and successful than it actually is.  Akin this to my Google Nexus 7 giveaway where I amassed 24,000 entries but every entry was 1 at a time, there were no 5 or 10 bonus entries, if there were this contest would have had 300,000 entries?

So which do you think is better, having a contest that gives many entries for single entry and having hundreds of thousands of entries (but it skewing because of the numbers it gives per participant) or a contest that awards just 1 entry per participating entry without inflated numbers?  One thing is for certain, 400,000+ entries looks impressive and unless I go back to Rafflecopter and do the same 10-25 entries for contests I likely won’t see contests with 1/4 of a million entries or more anytime soon!

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