Home Automation Can Help Keep an Eye on More Than Just Your Home

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It’s easy to think about having a home security system to help deter potential burglars or to protect your house against fires or floods, but home automation systems can help you keep an eye on your pets.

Here is a look at some of the home automation tools that can make life easier for you and your pets, courtesy of ADT Pulse.

Remote Video Monitoring — If you’re not at home and you aren’t sure what your pets may be getting into, remote video monitoring can help. You can view real-time video feeds of what’s going on in your house via computer or any other web-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to see if Fido is tearing up the pillows on the couch or into the food bag you thought you tucked away.

This is a great feature to utilize in order to make sure your pets haven’t gotten into something that may be hazardous to their health or got stuck somewhere in a room, as well as making sure they aren’t hurt or in need of help in some other way.

Remote Lock/Unlock Doors — If your pet gets into something or somewhere they shouldn’t have, the remote arm/disarm feature can come in handy. You won’t have to rush home or hope that someone who has a spare key to is available. Just get in touch with a neighbor or friend who stop by and then you can unlock your door from where you are to let them in. When they’re taken care of the situation and are ready to leave, you lock the door and your home is secure once again. The convenience of being able to take care of things without you having to alter your plans is something that is quite valuable.

Remote Arm/Disarm — This feature works well with the remote door lock/unlock feature. Should a friend or neighbor need to get in to your home to check on your pets, you can simply disarm the system and when they leave, it’s easy to arm the system once again.

Small Appliance Control — Hook your radio or television up to the home automation system and you can control turning them on or off while you’re away. Creating familiar situations, sights and sounds for your pets help them remain calm, allowing you to enjoy your time away.

It’s important to note that while home automation tools may not be able to help you stop your pets from getting into trouble, it will give you an idea of what trouble areas you have in your home. This lets you come up with a game plan as to how to deal with these issues should they arise again when you leave the house for any amount of time. These features come in extreme handy if you have newly adopted pets or puppies and kittens who have not acclimated to your home yet.

What other features of home automation do you feel are beneficial for pets and their owners?

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