Heroes Season 3 Episode 3 – One of Them, One Of Us

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This episode was incredible, I wrote a full write up about it on Dragon Blogger one thing I noted is how many people believe that Sylar killed Jesse and took his sonic power.  We saw Sylar start to cut Jesse’s head while HRG was stuck standing outside the bank but we never saw him kill Jesse.  Then back at Level 5, we saw Sylar tell his mother Angela “You were wrong about me” indicated that he isn’t the monster who has to kill.

In my opinion Jesse is probably still alive and Sylar stopped himself last minute from finishing Jesse off.  Sylar and HRG still have to go after Knox who escaped when Sylar attacked Jesse.  Flint is now detained in Level 5 again, but it will be interesting because Hiro and Ando are in Level 5, and Sylar is there and what should happen if he see’s his nemesis Hiro who stabbed him with the sword?

I am very excited about whats up and coming next week.

-Justin Germino

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