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I write for both Helium and Associated Content and originally was favoring Associated Content for the up front payment of articles and the fact that it is easier to just write and submit anything you want instead of having to find a category and title to write for.  Plus many titles are closed and you have to find alternatives on Helium which can be a time waster.  Helium also requires you to rate articles and maintain a certain amount of rating starts to earn via performance from your articles.

However, then I looked at September’s earnings and saw that I have 144 articles published on Associated Content and have earned just over $2.05 from view performance.  Yet I have only 17 articles on Helium.com and earned $3.07 from page view performance for the same 30 days.  Theoretically at least this means if I had those 144 articles on Helium instead of Associated Content I would have over $20 per month in page performance revenue.  This makes me want to write and publish more on Helium to see if this pans out.

Whichever you decide to use I recommend you create a writing profile on both, in many cases you can use some of your articles on both sites, as well as reusing the articles for your blogs once and a while.  When you create articles on these two sites and occasionally include links and references to other articles or your blogs, you can also build some backlink traffic to your other works as well.  They both should be leveraged, but my AdSense for my blogs earned me $37 this month and far exceeds any writing for A/C or Helium so if you are looking to make money writing online, know that creating a quality blog will earn you more than either of these services in the long run.  Don’t forget A/C keeps the AdSense earnings from the visits to your article.

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