Happy New Year

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As I am in Las Vegas right now for the first time during New Years, I think back and reflect on all that has happened in 2008.

This has been a rough year for my household and I vow to never stop trying to model myself the following way:

I vow to be a better Father, I can always use more patience and understanding and modeling how I am and act is the best way for my sons to learn from their dad how to be a man.  I also vow to be a better husband, nobody is perfect and mistakes are made around the board.  I have my fair share and anyone who thinks they are perfect is someone who has gotten too complacent and content, never stop working to please your partner and being a better person for them.

Mainly I use 2009 as a turning point to grow and not repeat mistakes made in 2008 and previous years, to try to be a better person, continue to identify my strengths and weaknesses and try to improve on area’s that can be improved.  Most of all I strive for knowledge, understanding and the ability to make sense of it all and use what I learn effectively.

Happy New Year Everyone,

Justin Germino

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