Happiness is a State of Mind

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Happiness is a state of mind, and this means that people as individuals have control over whether they are happy or want to be happy. Money doesn’t make people happy by itself, nor does love make people happy. It is the person themselves who finds happiness in love, or happiness in wealth. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, there are people who don’t need money to be happy and others who don’t need love to be happy. Some people are happy playing games, others are happy with their jobs, but we are not measuring the individual things that make us happy but are we happy as people overall.

So ask yourself this, are you happy?

Think about why you are happy, what makes you happy? What culmination of things or experiences inspire or create your happiness, or is it just that you are a happy person overall? Happiness is a state of mind, and people don’t need reasons to be happy. Sure we can find unhappiness in plenty of things like job stress, financial issues, relationship problems and worse. But again individual events and circumstances though they can affect your state of mind cannot change whether you are “generally” happy overall in your life.

If you are not happy overall, and I mean over the past thirty days if you aren’t generally happy for over 50% of them then I would think it is time to re-evaluate your sources of happiness and find out what needs to bring you to feeling better. Contentment is a form of happiness, having no complaints and being content is like a lion who is content to sleep after a long feast, so if you are just content without any direct sources of unpleasantness or unhappiness, then you can consider yourself well, if not overly happy.

When examining what makes you happy or unhappy remember that circumstances can change at anytime, if you have a good job and are unhappy, knowing that others are out of work and in dire financial circumstances can change your perspective of being unhappy with what you currently do. The same can apply by using perspective to analyze your other sources of unhappiness, this is why happiness is a state of mind. One person can be happy in the same situation as another person who is unhappy in that situation. This doesn’t assume any chemical or biological tendency toward depression which could be a psychological, emotional or chemical imbalance, but assumes that all that is needed is a perspective change to help see that there may be happiness without you even realizing it, just by changing your perspective.

-Justin Germino

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