Had a Good Time at Universal Studios Hollywood

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For Veterans Day Weekend we had taken the family to Universal Studios Hollywood and had a blast, it was my first time at the California location of Universal Studios and the whole family had a good time as we spent about 8 hours there and got to see nearly every attraction except the Jurassic Park ride which was closed down for maintenance.

Krustyland Universal Studios

I got to ride in Krustyland a very clever Simpsons ride which had entertaining clips of the seasons while you stood in line.  In fact all of the major attractions had very clever waiting area’s designed to entertain you while you wait and make the wait a little less cumbersome.  The waits can be long 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours toward the middle of the day, but we were there when the park opened and there was no wait for the first ride which was Transformers 3D Dark of the Moon.

The Transformers ride was incredible and you really felt like you were inside an Autobot traveling at high speeds, feeling the heat from a missile blast.  There was a few moments where my height phobia started kicking in and I genuinely felt a little panic.



Overall the whole family loved the Universal Studios Back Lot tour the most especially with the King Kong 360 experience, the Earthquake under the train station, Flood and War of the Worlds crash scene drive through.  It was so fun seeing the various set pieces and how some special effects were put together.

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