Going to See Mannheim Steamroller

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Every year my wife and I try to do a holiday concert and last year we saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra who were awesome.  This year my wife treated us to tickets to see Mannheim Steamroller and this is legendary for me as I have been listening to their Christmas albums every year since I was a kid and the first album was released.  I literally can’t listen to Mannheim Steamroller without flashbacks and childhood memories of staying up late on Xmas Eve and just listening to the music all night long while waiting for Santa to arrive.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas in the air unless Mannheim Steamroller is blasting away in our house on the iPod hooked up to Bluetooth speakers.  I listen to customized playlists of their music on my Spotify and it is always on the radio stations that convert to Christmas classics for this time of year.

So I am sure the Mannheim Steamroller concert will be great here at the Ikeda Theater in Mesa, we are going to a nice dinner first. 

What are your favorite holiday music tunes to listen to?

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