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Facebook really made it clear they intend to dominate your life if you are already a Facebook fan or give you even more compelling reasons to get involved if you are one of the few who aren’t.

Sharing is everything in this culture of reality TV obsessed who want to know every detail of everyone’s life and Facebook tailors to this obsession by turning everyone into your own reality star.  You get to share every event of your live in chronological order, everything you interact with, every song you listen to or show you watch and a subscriber or friend can listen or watch it with you or right after you in Facebook without even leaving the site.


Everyone’s autobiography is online and this may look like the eventual path where everyone’s life is on public display this only feeds into the big brother fears and mentality (with some truth) that the more you put online and share the more you increase your risk of identity theft and make it easer to have your identity spoofed.

Companies will now have insight into not just stupid wall posts of what you did last week, but your entire life timeline will be on display for people to review to see if your hobbies, habits, likes fit a corporate profile of what they are looking for in an employee.

Let say for example you were a corporation and looking to hire a tech position and were screening someone on social media would you rather have someone who has a history of living and breathing tech in many of their activities or someone with very few tech and clearly has other interests with tech being a very small percentage of their likes/hobby related activities?

I think Facebook updates only make it more open for people who like to be open and let the world read them as a book.  Privacy is rapidly going away for those who love to share everything and this isn’t always such a good thing.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: September 25, 2011 — 8:00 am