Gaming Equals Cheaper Entertainment

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As news articles around the US have recently written and published, Gaming continues to thrive and make money in tough economic times. As people turn to cheaper and distraction type entertainment during a tough economy. The fact is that games have a dollar per hour value that is far better that most forms of entertainment and movies.

But there are ways to spend less gaming even, such as with online rental services like GameFly. For those of us who shell out fifty dollars for a single console game only to beat it within a week or two, it is better to rent games and play six or seven games per month for the same price as purchasing a single one.

Other creative ways to save money gaming is to find online MMO games that are free, there are more of them each month and one of my favorites right now “Runes of Magic” is as engaging as World of Warcraft or GuildWars, and has such depth and richness that you could play for weeks or months before growing bored.

Even for people without powerful computers or money to purchase a new console can get an older Playstation 2 at dirt cheap prices and play thousands of games for very low costs. People are using trade services like SwapTree to trade used games between each other so they can constantly get new games to play for the cost of shipping and handling.

Gaming is more affordable than ever, and even if you play the latest java, flash, or online games, there is always some way to get an escape and find a game to bury yourself in.

-Justin Germino

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