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I finally decided to upgrade my Blog Engage Membership plan to the Business Plus membership.  This $29.99 membership had so many excellent features and Brian put the final icing on the cake for me which is that he will host giveaway contests on your behalf on the site while promoting your own social media channels as entries for those contests.

So now, in addition to the benefits listed below for the Business Plus Membership:


You also get the free contest sponsorship where you don’t have to do any work, the contests are all hosted and run by Brian’s team on your behalf.  This saves me time while still providing me the same benefits.  Blog Engage gets more traffic than my own blog does, so by Brian hosting the contests on his blog it can help raise awareness for my own.  Since many of the visitors on my blog are already followers, this could open up new readers to become fans of my site.

I have held an RSS Syndication Plan with Blog Engage since December 2010 and it is one of the few programs I have stuck with for over a year.  This program not only has brought me over 22,000 backlinks to my sites in the last 13 months, but it also has helped me network with other bloggers as well as build a working relationship with them.

I am also entered in the Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest, where I hope to win the $250 first place prize.  This prize money itself will be used to do another giveaway on my technology blog.

Note, the membership plan is a little steep but if you run only 1 blog you can get a great deal of benefit from the $4.99 a month plan as well. Make sure you setup the AdSense revenue sharing and you can even earn your membership back as monthly income.

-Justin Germino

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