Funny How A TV Show Makes Me Do Research

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I have been an avid fan of NBC Heroes for several years and I wanted to point out something funny that happens when people become fans of anything. They start to research and learn more about things mentioned in the show, movie or game that interests them. For instance Heroes had numerous connections with Odessa, Texas which was where HRG and Claire lived, as well as the paper company Primatech had an operation there. Not knowing much about the geographical location of Texas I decided to map it and learned that Odessa is only a few hours west of Dallas.

But I notice people do that kind of thing all the time, for instance in the Movie Kung-Fu Panda, the Wu-Shi finger of death is mentioned as a joke, and I put the keyword on my KungFu Panda review on my blog only to learn people actually do type in “Wu Shi Finger Hold” or variations and end up on my blog site by some fictitious title of a fake martial arts move.

So people have a curiosity and google whatever they see or hear that interests them and sparks that curiosity, whether it be “real” or “fictitious”.

Just something that I have noticed.

-Justin Germino

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