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This week starts the count for a project that I am running at work that leads up to a huge weekend deploy on June 11th weekend, I have limited time to coordinate projects with hundreds of customers and this may leave me with little time to keep my blogs updated at night like I normally do. Fortunately, I still plan to carve out time on weekends to write a weeks worth of blog posts, but I ran into a case of writers block on Sunday where I just sat and could not think of what to write. Fortunately, I stepped away and received some inspiration while doing other activities, sometimes you just need to walk away from something to get a clear head.

I am not generally a procrastinator and this is why I am able to maintain a very high level of workload and accomplish many things in a short time frame, I have met many people who put off something until the last minute and if something else or additional gets dropped on their lap, then they are quickly overwhelmed. My philosophy is do whatever you have as soon as you have the time to, don’t put something off if its due next week until the day before its due.

This has generally prevented me from ever hitting a “Hurry Up” wall where I am stuck having to complete something with little time to do it, though this project has me feeling the strain of so much to do with so little time.

-Justin Germino

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