Free Breakfast For The Family

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Yes, my family and I did go to Denny’s this morning promptly after dropping my son off at kindergarten.  The line was long and it was a fourty minute wait, but we had 3 grand slam breakfasts and only paid $4.15 cents for drinks, plus I left a $5 tip.  The restaurant was so busy and by the time we left there were over a hundred people waiting in a line that wrapped around the building.  I don’t know how the restaurants can make money off of giving away free grand slams, but it certainly did a good job in drawing crowds to Denny’s.

The food was fairly good and better than previous times I had attended, the service was decent considering how busy they were and every table was filled and had to be turned over in a minute or so.  They had the food and drinks out fairly quickly as well.  Kudos to Denny’s for running such a massive campaign, that we partook in.

-Justin Germino

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