Found Myself With Fishing for a New AdSense Plugin

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Early yesterday morning and late yesterday night I found myself fishing for a new AdSense plugin for WordPress after SocialSpark found competing Google AdSense ads in one of the sponsored posts at the top of the post banner.  These AdSense ads were hardcoded in my theme php files and there is no easy way to remove ads from single posts if your theme has the AdSense code written into it.

So I decided to fish around and look for AdSense WordPress Plugin alternatives and found many to test, I had been using All in One AdSense and YPN! for years for my bottom banner, but it wasn’t flexible enough to customize 2 separate AdSense banners in same post as different sizes and overall lacked the functionality I needed.

I reviewed and tested 8 WordPress AdSense plugins last night and found the best 2 that are extremely comparable and work perfectly.  I have a 950+ word review of the AdSense plugins detailing each one and how to use them coming up on in a few days.  I will tell you that Quick AdSense is my new favorite and the one I chose to use.

Stay tuned.

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Updated: February 12, 2013 — 7:09 am