FollowFriday Recommendations for July 23rd

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I first have to thank @BlazingMinds for the idea of creating a weekly post highlighting some of my Twitter favorites, she also was using the Twitter AnyWhere plugin which turns each persons Twitter ID into a link that shows a popup that allows you to instantly follow them once you authenticate via OATH. This made it very quick and efficient to simply hover over and follow the recommended people.

In the spirit of recognizing people on Twitter and going beyond a simple FollowFriday Tweet, I have chosen to highlight some people this week who deserve your attention. Rather than list names, I will also include why I think they are worthy of a follow.

  • @RockAlong

Arizona Music Production company that promotes local bands in AZ, they put on shows, events and run a music blog that does featured artists to bring attention to some of the great musicians in Arizona. Interactive and always willing to help share an opinion and answer questions if you are into music or an AZ resident you should be following this person.

  • @ChefsCookbook

A chef who specializes in French Cooking Techniques and has a Culinary Degree who runs  a blog that is more than just recipes.  You can find informational articles about the culinary industry, French cooking tips and more than two hundred original recipes.  If you have any food questions, this is the gal to go to to get them answered.

  • @jsinkeywest

Dedicated blogger who not only runs but is giving back to the blogging community with BloggerLuv a network for bloggers to socialize and get to know each other.  He has a very clear and in your face writing style, no BS and he is a good person to chat with on Twitter if you are in the blogging community.

  • @FamousBloggers

FamousBloggers and more specifically @hishaman is one of the best bloggers I know online today.  He is not only helpful to other bloggers but goes above and beyond by creating a blogging website that allows some of the best bloggers to come together to provide information to readers.  It also happens to have one of the best blog themes I have ever seen.  I featured two favorite blogs on and was one of them.

  • @BlazingMinds

BlazingMinds has at least three articles per week that are so compelling I have to read and leave a comment or two on.  Karen will often find and bring up a subject, WordPress Plugin or other online tool that I hadn’t found yet and they always provide value.

  • @krenee76

Kiesha runs We Blog Better which is probably one of the top up and coming blogs in my opinion.  The theme is fantastic, the articles interesting, well written and always provide value to readers in the blogging community.  If you are a blogger you must follow this blogger.


This is my top five people I recommend on Twitter this week and the primary reasons.  This week focused on Bloggers but next week I will specifically showcase my top five Poets on Twitter.

I also have a few Twitter lists where I specifically list some really good bloggers and poets.

And of course, don’t forget to follow me @DragonBlogger on Twitter, I try to be as interactive as possible and you can join my Random Twitter Poetry game several times per week.

-Justin Germino

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