First Swaptree Trade Completed

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Wouldn’t you believe that I finally completed my first Swaptree trade, I decided to list my Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii and someone traded me Lego Indiana Jones for it. I wasn’t playing the game for more than six months and wanted something that my five year old son and I could play together, and he loved the Lego Batman game, so I decided to make the trade.

I was just thrilled that for only the postage I was able to get a one for one swap of a Wii game instead of having to trade three or four games for one in my local gaming store. This has me listing a few other games to see what people will offer, or I can get for them.

For people with games or video’s they don’t play anymore, I found Swaptree to be very useful when you want to trade something you have for something you may want in the same category or price range, it is better than ebaying in my opinion, since you often get much closer to the original value in another product.

-Justin Germino

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