First Hand Witness to Smoking Side Effects

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I have seen the effects of smoking for forty plus years first hand, my father in law was a heavy smoker and now has COPD and is on an oxygen tank. Every month it seems he becomes weaker and weaker with less energy as he struggles to breath and take in oxygen.

He could barely take a few steps without a tank hooked up now, and he catches pneumonia more frequently and several times a year since he has been on oxygen. One thing he would have had a hard time with is getting in and out of the shower.

Fortunately the house they bought has one of those walk in tubs that also has a shower attachment, so he doesn’t have to struggle to get in and out of the shower, and this was a complete coincidence when they bought the house. Had they not had this, we would have had to pay to install one in the last few years.

It is hard watching your family and/or friends become sick and their health decline rapidly, it is even harder and you can’t help but feel anger when you know the problems could have been avoided or at least risks greatly reduced by decisions made in their life.

If anyone still smokes or is considering smoking I strongly urge you to quit this habit before you end up with damaged lungs and a badly decreased lifestyle, you will live long enough to regret it. Few people have the genetics to withstand 40+ years of smoking without having their lungs corroded and destroyed.

I never did smoke in my life, not a single cigarette, but I also know that eating is just as likely a cause and risk. Overeating and obesity are habits and decisions (in most cases) that lead to the same end result, health problems and decreased lifestyle.

Be healthy my friends and try to make healthy decisions.

-Justin Germino

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