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It is actually getting more difficult to find specific items on classifieds for local area’s if you don’t live in an area that has it’s own dedicated city listing.  For example if you want to find virtually anything in a New York City classified you know you will find hundreds or thousands of matches generally because the city is so large and so many people use almost all of the classified sites that you will find somebody posting something there.

I can’t find any such site that recognizes any listings for Casa Grande, Arizona for example and Craigslist only has a “South Phoenix” or “East Valley” equivalent which really means 40-55 miles north of the city I live in.  Even with its population of over 120,000 people it should have it’s own listing.

Zaarly, is a unique classified site in that you post what you want and the dollar amount you are looking to pay for it.  You then get offers from people who either will sell it for what you are looking to pay or make a counter offer for what they are willing to sell it for.


This has a lot of potential to make it easy to find stuff you want without having to deliberately search through endless piles of listings.  You just post what you want and what you want to pay and wait for offers to come in.

It saves time, but again I was browsing for any wants in the Casa Grande city and couldn’t find anything.  They have all the major cities covered, but apparently nobody from my current city has decided to try the service yet.

Some items I would be looking for are used iPod touches, maybe some cheap used Wii or Xbox 360 games…etc.  I can use or other sites but you still have to pay for shipping and the ‘fee’ assessed for using their service.  Direct people to people trading or purchasing saves you the extra fee’s and if you can find someone within a driving distance who can complete the transactions you even save the shipping.

Zaarly has potential and can do well if it can grow it’s user base and include some listings closer to my general area.

What are some of your favorite classifieds sites or ways to find or sell items online?

-Justin Germino

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