Finding A New Free MMO Game

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I had played Runes of Magic to the point where I was no longer hooked on it and am looking for something else, I decided to do some research and was amazed by how many free MMORPG games there are online. Literally dozens to choose from and with many requiring a large amount of time investment, how do I choose one that will fit what I am looking for? After doing much reading and research I decided to pick Perfect World as my next MMO to spend some time playing. Some of the selling points were not being required to fight the same creatures and bosses several times, which happens in Runes of Magic, and the fact that when you leave an area you seldom have to come back. Many times in other MMO games like Runes of Magic, GuildWars…etc you constantly have to go back to the same original area’s to pick up new quests and items and I like a game that doesn’t have you constantly retread on the same territory.

I will let my readers and fellow gamers know what I think of Perfect World after I have a few days to play it.

These are some of the ones I considered:
Age of Armor
Shaiya (it didn’t work with my Windows Vista, but haven’t tried Windows 7 64 bit yet)
Gates of Andaron
Free Realms
Champions Online
AQ Worlds

There are so many more, these were just some of the ones I was looking at.

-Justin Germino

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