Finally Have Access to Helium Again

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After months of having some sort of block that prevented my computer from accessing I learned that I now have access again to load the website. I logged in to find all of my rating stars were drained and I had to quickly build up my rating stars again. I did have $22 pending in my account so my sixteen articles (most creative writing) or so have been earning some money while sitting for the last three to four months.

Overall I earn more per month with my sixteen articles on Helium than my nearly 200 poems and articles on AssociatedContent, this would seem to indicate Helium pays a higher pageview rate, but you can get up front payments from AssociatedContent for quality articles which you can’t get from Helium so it can be a mixed bag. There are values to writing for both and some of my articles on Helium also earn from PageViews on AssociatedContent so don’t think you can’t leverage both writing services.

If you don’t have the time and patience to run a blog, then you can make some money as a freelance writer for or AssociatedContent and some of the top writers can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars from those networks by getting high numbers of pageviews and lots of up front article payments. If you write 5 original and high quality articles per day, you can make up to $10-$15 per day from submitted articles to AssociatedContent (most quality ones pay out between $2 and $3).

For me, I would prefer to write those articles for my blogs and collect the AdSense from my own blogs instead of AssociatedContent making 10x from AdSense on my articles than they pay out. But I do write for them for the extra change and publicity.

-Justin Germino

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