Feeling Sick Today

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Maybe it was overindulgence in the birthday cake for my three year old yesterday, or perhaps from the Turkey Pot Pies I had for dinner, but I spent all night feeling sick to my stomach and fighting the nausea.

I managed to survive the night by sleeping on the floor and am working exhaustively today with dark circles under eyes as a result of the lack of sleep.

You would think that I would know better, my body cannot tolerate certain foods and they cause me extreme gastrointestinal agony, yet I am like a hamster who keeps licking the same salt lick and getting shocked over and over again.

Foods I should avoid:

Dairy of any kind
White flour and starchy foods
Sugary foods
Nitrate riddled foods
Tomato Sauces
(possibly, I have found a connection to stomach pains after eating banana’s, but uncertain)

Eating any of the above foods will usually leave me feeling sick or with intense stomach pain for hours after consuming such food.

Eventually my diet will be restricted to merely kibble like our dogs.

-Justin Germino

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