Feel Like an Emperor in Your Game Room with this Chair

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It is ironic that I had a discussion with my wife last week about what people choose to spend on and consider their “luxury” items, I myself found that if I had excessive amounts of cash that I could squander on luxury items, then the Emperor 1510 LX computer station would be something I would probably consider.

Emperor LX

Image Credit: MWE Labs

This $21,500 chair that is coming soon holds up to 5 monitors (3 27” and 2 19”) has a Bose sound system built in, Italian leather, reclining seat, cup holder and basically replaces your entire office cubicle with 1 seating system.

It weighs about 275 pounds and that doesn’t include the optional rotating pedestal if you want the chair to be able to rotate around your room.  I doubt I could get my hands on one to review, I don’t even have the space for it.

Read more on Ars Technica [source].

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