Farewell E.R. – Curling Up On The Couch for 3 Hours Tonight

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My wife and I have been watching NBC E.R. series every week since 1996 together (she was watching since Episode 1).  Thursday nights have been our couch time and we would just sit together and enjoy the show while I rubbed her legs and feet.  This is now a 13 year ritual that comes to an end tonight (only the TV Show itself, we still watch other shows and leg rubs are always part of it).

So tonight I order in Chinese (Lucky of course) and we sit and say farewell to what used to be one of the most innovative and interesting television drama’s in  a while.  Sure the show has had its ups and downs, and I personally enjoy House as a better medical show, but it still was fun to watch and has a lot of history in this household.

I wonder if Southland the replacement show will be any good, I intend to give the first episode a try and if it doesn’t work out then Thursday’s still have The Office and I can always make it a Blockbuster movie night.

-Justin Germino

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